Trago Park

Lincoln, NE

Trago Park and The Malone Center in Lincoln, Nebraska are located on property that was once part of the city’s predominately African American neighborhood. To honor the African American community’s history and its leaders, Lincoln City Parks teamed with an advisory group of community elders and Ed Zimmer, historian with the Lincoln Planning Department, to develop exhibits to be displayed at Trago Park.

Big Muddy Workshop worked with the City to design six exhibits with photographs, artwork and text interpreting the community, from early settlers arriving in Lincoln after the Civil War through recent times. The exhibits look at the history of the churches, neighborhood development, Civil Rights movement, and recent times. To demonstrate the significance of the stories, the exhibits are monumental in size – 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall, to be displayed in custom frames. The exhibits will be installed in Spring 2015.

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