Winter Quarters Pioneer Cemetery Preservation

Omaha, NE

Preservation Report, Temple Landscape Management Plan, Temple & Cemetery Site Improvements & Temple Parking Expansion Project

Since developing Winter Quarter’s cemetery preservation master plan and the Temple site management plan, Big Muddy has continued to provide historic preservation recommendations and site design services to the LDS Church at Winter Quarters. Big Muddy prepared designs to preserve historic cemetery features and enhance visitor accessibility to the cemetery’s memorial. The original plaza will be reconstructed using a preservation design approach prepared by Big Muddy.


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Recently, Big Muddy prepared a parking expansion study for the Church, examining conversion of existing green space to parking or expansion of new parking onto an adjacent vacant property. This study analyzes the regulatory requirements of the City of Omaha for each parking option, including property rezoning, use permits, and public right-of-way acquisition. Big Muddy values the relationship we have built over several decades of working for the Church and are pleased to have played a role in preserving this important site in the Church’s and Omaha’s history.